Boxing Day reminds me of traditions.  For many Boxing Day is a day of collapsing and chilling after a wonderful but full day on Christmas Day.


It’s a time for children to explore and enjoy the gifts they received and for adults to just relax in their own way, like going out for a long walk to try and work off the extra calories or just to enjoy the fresh air and the space outside, or meeting up with others to enjoy a good chat.


When I was growing up Boxing Day was a relaxing day, although as a young girl it was too relaxing. I grew up in a male household with my father and three brothers (I was the youngest) and my mother. Most of the day was spent watching sport, mostly football, on the television as Boxing Day was traditionally the Sports Day. Not good for me as I wasn’t into football and I was often shushed! I must have been annoying.


Now I look back on these days with fondness as I remember the day going as I have described, followed by a cold Christmas feast, as it was traditionally, for us, a no cooking day.


So it was a tradition, unfolding every year in a similar way.


My family’s tradition on Boxing Day, (a male household but thankfully with no sport!) is gathering at a family home with all the extended family and offspring enjoying themselves.


So it becomes our a tradition and I hope my family will look back and remember their Boxing Days as fondly as I do mine.  This year we were blessed with a new generation added to the family, bringing new opportunities for new traditions and new, fond memories to be formed.


I hope you have fond Boxing Day memories or you start to form some for yourself this year.  Take time for reflection, relaxation and letting go of normal life for a while.  If you need help with this our website and the meditations contained within it offer you the opportunity, the excuse to take some time for yourself.


I wish you a relaxing, fond memory forming, happy Boxing Day to complete your Christmas tradition wherever you are.


Maureen x

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