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Maureen Taylor

Meditation is as natural as breathing to Maureen.  She was born with a talent, a connection to people, the world around her and the ability to create amazing, unique, unscripted, guided meditations.  She is a Reiki Master and one of Diana Cooper’s first Angel Ascension Teachers.  Her technique is akin to watching a musician record an amazing song in one take with no pre-arranged music or lyrics and we are privileged to have her designing meditations for us.

“My passion is to help any individual whatever their age, race, religion and circumstances see that what happens in their life doesn’t have to define them, to help them re-write their mind’s scripts that no longer serve them and unlock the potential in who they can be.”

Julie Pearson

It’s fair to say meditation wasn’t natural to Julie.  Being a successful business and sportswoman had its down side.  Mentally she pushed herself too hard.  She found meditation as a way to help manage debilitating panic attacks and associated phobias.  Mindfulness saved her and is still saving her and as a certified Meditation and Mindfulness teacher she is now helping others.

“My vision is standing next to Maureen with the key to our first “safe place” in my hand, watching children play happily in the playground and their parent(s) potential being unlocked in the background.”


Pamela is new to all this meditation stuff.  She holds us together and keeps the wheels turning.  It’s true to say we couldn’t have achieved what we have without her.

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