This came to me In September of 2015 when I attended a woman’s festival on Dartmoor.  It was a great experience with many strong positive women there.   


The organisers were holding the energy for ancestors of the land going back to tribal roots and they would meet to weave fabrics and as they did so they weaved stories of ancestors into the fabric they made as they believe it is important to honour the past to understand the now.


I hope you enjoy 

Dream Weaver’s Song 


When I was a Dream Weaver 

The song I sang rang true 

A saying of the people 

That gathered unto 

We weaved the magic of our ages 

Within the clothe that grew 

Until our histories were woven 

Until time renewed 

The histories and the telling 

Are important to tell 

For it is easy to de-remember 

The course of the human race 

With the telling of the dreams 

Our journeys are unforgotten 

For what would the land be? 

Without our visions untrodden 

So hold them in yours dear ones 

These dreams that you foretell 

For within them are the stories 

Of the Older ones not forgotten 

One day all will remember 

The visions you create 

Within this magical space 

Dream on Beloveds 

In this welcome place 

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