Our Story

In 2016, Mindful Life Journeys were approached by a National Charity, Achievement for All, to create a Wellbeing Module to sit within their UK wide schools program, designed to develop and encourage resilience, to give children the tools to help themselves into an emotional state to support their learning and an ability to deal with challenges in an easy, fun and engaging way. These tools can be carried forward throughout life, building confidence and supporting children and adolescents to recognise their full potential.


The meditations have been designed in partnership with Achievement for All school coaches, Head Teachers, Teachers, Children and Parents.  Find out if you qualify for an Achievement for All discount by contacting us using the contact form below.

Improving Learning Outcomes

Easy to Implement

Minimal investment required in time, cost and resources to get started


Sessions can be facilitated anytime, anywhere, any place on a one to one or group basis, the only requirement is access to the internet

User Friendly

Sessions can be facilitated by teachers or their teaching assistants.  You don’t need to be a mindful meditation expert


We train facilitators to deliver guided meditation sessions within this module  so sessions are not restricted by having to be facilitated by trained mindfulness teachers


Sessions can be played as frequently as required, by as many facilitators as needed, for a one off annual subscription fee


Training Video; Session Plans; Presentations; Presentation Notes; Suggested Activities; Helpful Hints and Tips; Questions and Answers; Online Support


There are many research studies supporting evidence towards the benefits of mindfulness in schools.  For more information on these visit our Answers to Questions page


Fun and engaging guided mindful meditations that help children help themselves into an emotional state ready for learning and social interaction.  Help to build resilience, communication skills and a growth mindset

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What a Difference it is Making!

“It’s wonderful to see Harry sending hurtful words away in bubbles and not allowing them to affect him the way they used to and using the pause button to take a break both physically and mentally.”  Harry’s Mummy

A Successful Wellness Week!

“Our teachers fed back it was nice to have quiet time out of normal, busy routines, to show children new methods to calm down and relax and that children really enjoyed doing the meditations.  We are looking forward to continuing to use the sessions with the children”.  

Hayley Watson – Primary School Teacher

It’s Aummasy (Amazing)!

“I dow it at home.  Carms me downe.  Helps me worke.”  Jake – Year 2

It Helps Me!

“It helps me get calm and brave.  It takes all my worry and fears away.”  Taye – Year 2

I Do it at Home!

“It helps me to relax. It calmes me down a lot.  I wold love to cary on.”  Lilly – Year 2

Helps get rid of my Anger!

“It helps me get rid of my anger and make me rely tired.” Abdullah – Year 2

I Almost Fell Asleeps!

“I realey like the relaxation because I don’t get much sleep and it helps me catch up on it.” Dylan – Year 2

Everyday Meditation for Everyday People