Well, let’s talk about Cancer…


I suspect you won’t be surprised to hear that BBC News recently revealed that the most Googled health issue of 2017 was Cancer, according to experts at Google Trends.


The Big “C” as it was known, when it was almost a word not to be spoken in case it was contagious, a taboo subject which many still find difficult to talk about.


Yet nearly every family has been touched by this.


My mother was the first person I remember as suffering with this disease, it was particularly cruel as she was a beautiful woman and she had radical facial surgery which impacted her both physically and emotionally.


I know of many who have passed, survived and are going through treatment of this disease, thankfully outcomes are vastly more successful now thanks to scientists, surgeons and attitudes, as more strands are being discovered, diagnosed and treatments coming forward.


My personal battle with cancer started 4 years ago, thankfully all ok. It made me take an assessment of my life, at what I could and wanted to do now rather than delaying it.


I looked upon it as a challenge, a blip on the landscape, not allowing it to overwhelm my life no matter what the outcome.


It helped to talk to those that could help and support.


Afterwards I took stock of my life, what I wanted and www.mindfullifejourneys.com was born as a result, I have created many meditations on the site as a result which might be of help to you.


If you are going through this journey I wish you well, look at the positives, remember it is your journey your choices. Surround yourself with positivity and hope.


The only thing I will say is talk about it and listen to others, often that is all those touched by it want and need.



Reference: www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-42416338

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