We are fortunate that we live in a place of plenty. Plenty of water, food, fresh air, warmth, and all essentials. I acknowledge and give thanks for all of these. But actually are we fortunate? Plenty or too much of “things” such as clothing, beauty items, reading materials, furniture, any material thing can imprison us if we allow it. They can become a responsibility not a joy and can fill our space, our heads, our lives.


If we are unable to move on from and let go of these “things” they can overwhelm us. The anxiety and panic to move on from these things has the potential to disable us, making it difficult to function and live life, it can become a guilty secret, an excuse or reason to prevent us moving forward.


In extreme cases these feelings wont allow a life outside of ‘things’. They can mask who we are or how we feel and it can become impossible to live or function without them. They become a loveless safety blanket, an excuse or wall to prevent us from letting others connect to us, help us or thrive. We may not realise it or see it but these “things” can become us, our life and limit us.


I know it can be difficult to let go of some things because often memories and lives are linked to them. I try to let my things go to charity mostly. The items I let go of and realise are not me anymore, maybe once, but by letting go I allow for the new me to grow.


I admit the hardest to let go of are books, I enjoy the written word so it is difficult, but even my reading taste changes from what I enjoyed a few years ago and I will probably not revisit them again, so I move them on so someone else can enjoy them as I have.


Maybe you already let go or maybe you want to? If you find it difficult to start and get anxious about the thought of it, the relax and/or calm meditations may help, the more you do them the more you may feel able to release these feelings. The meditations are easy to do and you do not need to have meditated before.


I offer an affirmation as another tool to help release;


I refuse to be suffocated by stuff

I let go

I let the air and space in

I allow other exciting and fulfilling experiences in.

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