Are you ready to shed the old you and step into a new you? 

Is that scary? Are you comfortable with the old you? 

Would it cause complications? Would others would be shocked by a new you? 

Have you yearned to change direction for a long time? 


Are you acting in the old you? 

Do you know what you would want as a new you? 

Would it be an authentic new you? 

Do you realise it is only you that can make that change? 

Are you brave enough for a new you? 


The first step is to review the old you. 

Was it truly so bad you want to change it? 

Is it enough that you want to just adjust it? 

Are you prepared for the consequences? 


So, take a deep breath and review. 

Meditate and contemplate. 

Check, check and check again… 

I look forward to meeting YOU. 

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