Positive Mindsets Lead to Successful Organisations.

Be Well – is Mindful Life Journey’s approach to creating bespoke programs to help people achieve their potential and organisations improve performance.  Linking Mindful practice and practical activities to core competencies and company culture to encourage mindsets such as confidence, self belief, empathy, creativity, job satisfaction and developing behaviours such as leadership, cooperation, teamwork and open communication.

Be Well

*Over 15 million days lost to stress in 2016.  Supporting mental wellness of people is something which can no longer be ignored *Office for National Statistics.


Activities to help still the mind, focus and be in the moment

Easy Implementation

Simple, easy, accessible, cost effective tools


Promote space in the mind for ideas, inspiration and creativity to flourish


Supporting sustainable productivity levels by helping people bounce back from stressful situations


Help build confidence, integrity, empathy, open mindedness and open communication


Help to reconcile the past and reduce anxiety about the future to maximise every days performance

Team Working

Help Develop a setting for respect,
co-operation, open and honest communication, mutual trust and support which encourages personal development

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Mindful Staff Wellness Program

“It was a pleasure working with you.  Including meditations to support staffs’ mental heath at work and at home with their children was inspired and much needed.  We are getting some great feedback from our team, it’s clear this is going to be a huge benefit to them and their families.”  Michael Sheene, Director Bright and Beautiful

Couldn’t do without it!

“Maureen’s inspired meditations have meant a lot to me.  They have given me inspiration when I was lost, meaning when I was confused and total peace of mind a relaxation during very stressful times in my life.”  Nigel Skates

I’m Eternally Grateful!

Dear Maureen, thank you for introducing me to meditation.  It has enabled me to address my stress levels and bring in calmness and peace. Self confidence has replaced my panic attacks and I can now move forward knowing that the mind, body and soul is a great healer. Love Viv xxx

Calm & Peacefulness!

“I will never forget that first deep feeling of utter calm and peacefulness the first time I tried Meditation. Maureen’s meditations have given me support and opportunities for meeting like minded people. I am honoured to be part of this meditation community and its aim to spread the word about the benefits of meditation.”  Susan Hubbard

I Recommend Meditation to Everyone!

“I tragically lost my son Lee and his girlfriend Emma 10 years ago. Maureen and her meditations helped me to survive the tragedy. They bring me back to a place of stillness and peace and remain a great support in my life to this day”.  Lorna Fox

Everyday Meditation for Everyday People