Is there Perfection in Nature?


Do we take Nature for granted? It’s easy to become blind to the World around us, blaming our busy lives for not taking the time to appreciate it and letting time and the seasons pass ever more quickly as the years go by, noticing less and less around us.


Yet, if we think in a Mindful way about nature.  Even just for a moment, to really focus our attention on it, just appreciating it, not judging it, being in the moment with it, putting our day to day thoughts, feelings, emotions and reactions aside, we might notice that nature can be a natural balancer, showing us a reflection of our own lives.


Nature can be Wild

Nature can be Violent

Nature can be Destructive

Nature can be Calm and Peaceful.

Nature can be Beautiful

Nature can be Ugly

Nature can be Renewing

Unforgiving, Invigorating, Awesome, Unpredictable.

Most of all Uncontrollable


Maybe it would be good to stop, look, listen, Mindfully and appreciate what is happening around us, even better if we can pass that idea on to others and share the experience and wonder.


Maybe we might notice that which also comes under Nature. Animals, Insects, Fauna and Flora, Seas and water, Weather, Changing Seasons and be able to reflect on our own impact on nature, the damage or the care we could, can or do take and make.


Meditation can be used to help you experience the rhythm beauty and joy of nature and take your mind to the wonder and power of nature or even just a reminder of when you had the time or ability to do that.  Meditations can help bring that feeling back, give the mind a rest and then go on to enjoy, replacing (even for a moment) those thoughts, feelings, emotions and reactions which don’t serve us so well with feelings of happiness, peace and joy.  One great, way to help overcome feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

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