Welcome To The Later Years Free Meditation

This unique range of mindful meditations is designed to help uplift minds by recalling joyous moments and to help be engaged with life, family, friends and carers.   There is growing evidence suggesting that meditation could help slow cognitive decline and give minds moments away from pain and discomfort, but most of all we hope it will relieve feelings of loneliness and bring family together for fun and conversation.  You can subscribe and try for free for 10 days and you will get over 100 unique online meditations for Adults, Kids and Later Years with new ones added monthly, hints and tips to get started, live guided meditations, inspiring blogs with more to follow and 50% of profits after expenses go to help others.

Shall we share a memory?  Something in your past that’s given you happiness and joy that you’d almost forgotten.  You might be able to tell others about it, share your memories and make them come alive again.