Welcome To The Kids Free Meditation

Childhood can be a challenging time for children, their families and carers.  Mindful Meditation can help children learn it’s possible to self regulate and not be limited by moments that affect them, emotionally, hormonally, socially and environmentally. You can subscribe and try for free for 10 days and you will get over 100 unique online meditations for Adults, Kids and Later Years with new ones added monthly, hints and tips to get started, live guided meditations, inspiring blogs with more to follow and 50% of profits after expenses go to help others.

The meditation helps children to recognise what relaxation feels like and learn that it is possible to take themselves into a calm place and relaxed state.


Some questions you can ask after the meditation to encourage open communication of thoughts, feelings and emotions.


What did sleepy lion look like? Any shape, size, colour is ok and it could change from day to day.

What did Mr Cat look like? Any shape, size, colour is ok and it could change from day to day.

Does Mr Cat have a name?

Did you hear his purr?

Did your breathing slow down with his purr?

How did it make you feel? Any thoughts and feelings are ok

Did you see anything else? Anything is ok.

Has the sleepy lion or Mr Cat spoken to you when your meditating? What did they say?

When do you feel most relaxed?

Would you like to do it again?


There are no right or wrong answers to the questions.It’s important that children are listened to and they do not feel that what they had to say was wrong.