Wow, such a relief we no longer practice this original celebration relating to Valentines Day!


Ancient Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia. Many believe that the origins of Valentine’s Day can be traced back to this ancient fertility festival. To mark the occasion Roman men sacrificed goats before using their skins to whip women in the belief that this would make them fertile. (


Thank goodness today we send cards, sometimes flowers and if we are lucky we might be taken to be wined and dined or cooked for.


Traditionally the cards are meant to be anonymous, so our imaginations can run riot. The anticipation of receiving a card is exciting but the disappointment if not can be hurtful.


I love that Valentine’s Day is indiscriminate, both males and females get to give and receive. Loving fathers sometimes even send their daughters a card with love. I know this because my own father used to do that.


We all benefit from someone saying, “I love you”, even if we won’t admit it.


Sadly, it can be a painful day for those on their own. A reminder of their loneliness. Yet it can also be a great time for remembering past Valentine’s Days when loved ones were with you and letting the memories hug you.


It’s a day to say and show love and that can only be a wonderful thing. A time when Love Rules. It would be wonderful if we could carry that love and romance for longer than a day, maybe we can? Maybe we will?


Maybe, this year is the year to open your mind and open your heart to the possibility of love and who knows what that might bring?


For me you are all wonderful, worthy of love and my Valentines xx

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